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Madeleine Albright has reserved a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. So, here are ways to ensure none of us wind up there.

Become a WoW partner

If our mission resonates with you or your brand, become the rock and scissors to our paper. If you can think of ways in which we can be associated – like hosting interesting events in your city, or documenting compelling stories of women movers and shakers in creative and exciting ways on our site – let’s partner up! If you have the will, we have the WoW. Email us with the subject: “Exploring a partnership with WOW”

Write something (for) WoW

Mansplainers may get you down in real life — but here, you get to make your monologue and publish it too! If you have interesting insights on handling situations that women entrepreneurs and professionals typically face, email us a 100-word overview of the article you want to pen down, with the subject: “Authoring an article for WOW.” If we like it, you’re in ‘Business’, literally and figuratively.

Work with WoW

For working at the Women of Worth warehouse in a full-time or freelance capacity, write to us here with the subject: “Job application for WOW.”

For everything in between – say you are an illustrator, photographer, doodle artist, designer, poet, speaker, mentor, or even a traveller, and have creative or comical ways of narrating the trials and triumphs of the wonder women in our midst, shoot us your portfolio here for a feature or even a collab, with the subject: “Doing a project with WOW”

Recommend someone (for) WoW

If there is someone or something incredible that we really need to know about — even if that somebody is you — do us, them and the world a favour by introducing them to us ‘write’ away! Send us your pitches here, with the subject line: “Request for coverage on WOW.”

Lastly, for any brickbats, bouquets or just general baatcheet with our resident reporters and writers, drop by on email with the subject: “E-meeting Team WOW”

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