Brazen In Blazers

The person who came up with the idea of jackets knew what she was talking about. Very few other articles of clothing are singularly able to exude the mix of power, authority, style and femininity that women’s jackets and blazers can. You don’t even need to wait for winter to be able to flaunt your superior taste in clothes: jackets don’t need to be worn only to protect you from the chills. At once formal, imposing and stylish, and – if you want them to be so – hip, spunky and trendy, jackets make a strong impression wherever the wearer goes. But to take this a notch up and add an element of sophistication and class, a little more than ordinariness, however, would be required.

How much more, you ask? Something like ₹4 lakh would probably suffice, at which jackets for women by DSQUARED2 are priced. These are embroidered jackets that feature rhinestone and delicately embroidered sleeves. “The jackets have an edgy mix of refined Italian tailoring and playful sensuality,” says Harshita Taneja, category head, Darveys, which is an online portal for luxury fashion. The jackets are well fitting and sleek, and belie elegance and refinery.

For something more easy-breezy but, as always, unrelentingly fashionable and luxurious, there are jackets by Givenchy, made of fur, which are smooth and comfortable without compromising on style. With a price range that shoots up to ₹2.18 lakh, these jackets are the ultimate go-to for parties.

Then there is the bomber jacket by Dolce & Gabbana that, with its finesse and understated beauty, pays homage to aristocracy. “The jacket is given a contemporary twist by the addition of street style accents and edginess,” Taneja explains. The price of these jackets goes up to ₹1.8 lakh. But if biker jackets are more to your taste, your search ends at Tom Ford. For just ₹2.04 lakh, biker jackets by Tom Ford feature multiple zippers and padded shoulders and come with a hint of danger and briskness with them.

Excepting Givenchy, these brands have yet to open showrooms in our country, but this does not mean that luxury is not preferred or that these brands are not on the minds of those who can afford them. Luxury is an ever-expanding segment in India, says Taneja, and these international brands are looking at ways to enhance their presence here. While stores are yet to come plant a flag in our country, the products can be ordered online.

No matter what the occasion, formal or informal, a blazer or jacket is much more than an add-on: it is capable of making a statement by its own right. What more to help make statements with than by these global luxury brands?

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