Swati Sethi

Business Owner/Co-founder, Dreamspace Interiors

Swati Sethi knows her craft and that she is better than any other male architect in the market. “I started working in commercial projects for major corporates instead of taking up smaller residential ones, since I felt they didn’t do justice to my skills,” she says. She set out on her dream journey with her husband Manish in 2014 with Dreamspace Interiors.

She is proud of her decision to enter this field, what she calls a male-dominated industry. “As a woman, my challenges were really unique. My clients wouldn’t readily trust me with high-value projects. But today, they come back to me since they do not have the same confidence in anyone else. Because of what I had faced, I have come out a much stronger person,” she says. Interior designing as a field in itself is quite tough to handle as the architect has to deal with corporates, demanding clients, contractors and labourers.

Sethi is grateful to her family for being there and having her back, as she juggled work and personal life. Through her challenges, she has learned to become a better problem solver. As of 2016, the company has completed 750 projects with major corporates such as Samsung, TNT, Network 18, Reliance Group, Indigo Airlines, NYK and other healthcare and educational institutions.

Sethi’s advice to budding entrepreneurs: “Never give up, there will be challenges that will be thrown at you but, if you don’t give up, you can reach the zenith of your career”.


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