She turned the $35-million Infinity Ventures into one of the most successful funds and then started her own company. Meet Bharati Jacob

As a young MBA student at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania back in 1989, Bharati Jacob was clear she didn’t want to study finance. All it took was one lecture delivered by a famed professor at the institute to realise that the field was not just plain numbers. And despite it being a time where women were a rarity in the sector, Jacob didn’t bat an eyelid as she worked as an investment banker first and then at a venture fund. She was the kind who didn’t care much about fighting a perception battle, be it when she returned to work in India with a plush US degree and work experience; or when she chose to retain her calm demeanour despite being labeled as “silent and unaggressive”. A similar self-belief and unwavering focus is reflected in the choice of start-ups backed by her venture, Seedfund.

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