She’s the reason your online orders reach you bang on time: Meet coder-in-chief Manisha Raisinghani

Manisha Raisinghani has built a futuristic proprietary algorithm that is ushering in the ‘Next’ wave in logistics – is taking the problem of wasted time, fuel and manpower in delivery by its ‘Horn OK Please.’

The Carnegie Mellon University and IBM alumnus had her eureka in the Diwali of 2013, when the presents she sent home were terribly delayed. “I reverse engineered each aspect and structured a suitable algorithm by which the probability of on-time deliveries would greatly improve,” she recounts.

Loginext assigns each shipment to the right driver considering real-time traffic conditions, the carrying capacity of trucks, skill-sets of drivers, the features of the vehicle, and creates trips for these drivers such that they can deliver more in lesser time.

It was Manisha who wrote the first line of code. “People assume that I handle the business end of things while Dhruvil might be the techie among us – but I take pride in my role of being the CTO.”

Microsoft and Reliance incubated the fledgling towards the end of 2014 and, in April 2015, they raised $600,000 from Indian Angel Network. Their $10 million Series A round from investors like Paytm followed just half a year later.

Finally, in 2016, with their initial few paying customers from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai, LogiNext debuted internationally. Clocking $3 million in revenues currently, they are tracking and facilitating about half a million orders a day across 50,000 drivers, globally. “We are saving 15 million miles per year and saving 2.6 million gallons of fuel,” she says.

Thankfully, she states, leadership even in traditional male bastions like tech is becoming more and more gender-agnostic. “There are odd-scenes that come up now and then. But there is more encouragement now to call this out,” she says.

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