Dropping Bollywood plans as she was told ‘her nose was too big,’ she came to rule the fashion world instead

She founded The House Of Masaba at the age of 20 with the support of her parents. Masaba Gupta has had a daunting journey, with no experience in entrepreneurship. But, she has to be rewarded for living her childhood dream of becoming famous.

She had a degree in apparel manufacture and design course from the SNDT University, but retail had certainly not been easy for her. She started off from her room, moved to a flat, started a workshop and finally opened her own stores. Till today, people tell her that she is here because of her parents. Masaba chooses not to argue and not to apologise for having celebrity parents. “I have had very honest parents, who have told me, ‘Look, you’re bad at this, don’t do it’. Otherwise, you have parents who keep telling their kids, ‘Oh my god, you’re so amazing, so good-looking, so tall’… you might be the shortest thing on earth but they will say ‘You are so tall, become a model’. That’s just silly,” she says.

Gupta says she understands people’s curiosity in celebrity kids, and in their ability to succeed on their own merit. “90% of the time, they will think you are terrible at your job and that your parents are the reason behind you being there. I simply agree with them – that closes doors on any argument,” she says.

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